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    Data : junho 4, 2021
    Categoria de Emprego : Tempo Integral (Full-Time)
    Salário : $46,000/yr (base pay range)
    Email : email
    Localização : Latincouver Cultural & Business Society, Water Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

    The HR Manager deals not only with staff welfare and administration-centred activities, but also strategy and planning, adding value to our organization by implementing policies which selects, develops and retains the right staff and volunteers needed to meet our organization’s objectives.


    The HRM works closely with all departments, in a consultancy role, assisting other leading roles to understand and implement policies and procedures. Promotes equality and diversity as the key of our organization.


    Acts as a liaison with a wide range of people involved in policy areas such as staff performance and health & safety. Recruits staff and volunteers – this includes the development of job deions and persons specifications and requirements, prepares adverts, checks application forms, shortlists, interviews and selection of candidates.

    Develops and implements policies on issues like working conditions, performance management, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and absence management. Prepares staff handbooks and manuals.

    Advises on pay or other remuneration or compensation issues, including incentives to volunteers and coordinates with an event manager to prepare events for staff and volunteers. Deals with grievances and implements disciplinary procedures when needed.

    Keep note of staff and volunteer birthdays. Plans, coordinates with team managers and sometimes delivers training to all staff, including volunteers training and basic welcome package.

    The core purpose of this role is to develop, build, and manage internal communications and engagement mechanisms within Latincouver.

    The emphasis of the role is to utilize effective communications channels that support the organization’s mission and strategy and to empower both the leadership and the volunteers. This role will be a vital role to the success of Latincouver goal to increase volunteers’ engagement.

    It will not only focus on how we effectively communicate with our volunteers but also on how we ensure that the communication is engaging. Internal Communications & Engagement will achieve his/her job’s purpose by executing the following:

    – Providing and managing multiple communications services for internal stakeholders across Latincouver to help communicate with and engage our people internally by utilizing an integrated approach

    -Leveraging the expertise and insights of all teams within Latincouver to ensure all communications are aligned, creative, comprehensive, and effective

    – Working in partnership with HR and marketing teams to optimize marketing and communications opportunities.

    – Ability to incorporate and promote the vision, mission, and values of Latincouver is critical in order for the organization to thrive as an interconnected community


    Responsibilities and Duties


    Building Relationships


    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all Staff and volunteers.

    Ability to establish trust with others.

    Connecting with past and current volunteers and linking them together for further support and resources.

    Creating the sense of family and community among Latincouver’s volunteers.


    Presenting & Communicating Information


    Strong verbal and written communication skills and Strong active listening skills.

    Developing and implementing communication ways, tools, and guidelines to ensure effective internal communication.

    Presentation skills for preparing and delivering presentations to Staff and volunteers.

    Proactive searching of contents, activities, and information.

    Ensuring all internal communications are clear, well-timed, engaging, of a high quality, and consistent with content and style.

    Promoting and facilitating best practices on internal communications and engagement at Latincouver.

    Keeping volunteers informed about recent and current events, projects, goals, results, etc. via e-mail and other communication channels such as social media, intranet, etc.


    Conflict Management


    Ability to encourage a positive, safe, and welcoming working environment.

    Ability to show respect for conflicting points of view and to resolve disagreements in a professional manner considering the best interests of all parties involved.

    Negotiating and diplomatic skills.

    Ability to encourage an open communication between volunteers and leadership team and in general.


    Teamwork & Collaboration


    Willingness to work alongside with HR manager and other departments to achieve shared goals and to provide full support in internal communications and Latincouver programs.

    Social perceptiveness skills and Ability to build team spirit.


    Grants Application


    Search and apply for employment grants opportunities

    Work closely with the fundraising team




    Manage mentoring initiatives to volunteers


    Adhering to Principles, Values, and Ethics


    Promoting Latincouver’s culture internally just like it is promoted externally.

    Welcoming new volunteers and presenting them with Latincouver’s vision, mission, values, and culture.

    Willingness to demonstrate and encourage adherence to Latincouver’s values and ethical standards.

    Strong sense of confidentiality.




    Willingness to show respect for diversity.

    Ability to adapt to new or ambiguous situations.

    Displaying a positive attitude in the face of uncertainty.

    Willingness to accept variety, new ideas, and new experiences.

    Ability to deal calmly and effectively with high stress situations.


    Personal Development


    Ability to accept constructive feedback and to learn quickly.

    Ability to work productively in a high-pressure environment with tight deadlines.

    Ability to maintain healthy work-life balance and healthy boundaries.

    Critical and forward thinking.

    Other personal characteristics: creativity, efficiency, compassion, empathy, patience, enthusiasm, genuine care for people’s needs & genuine interest in people, pleasant demeanor, responsibility, reliability, accountability, flexibility, personal integrity, self-awareness, proactivity, social sensitivity, non-intimidating approach, and trustworthiness.


    Skills and Requirements


    University degree or equivalent combination of experience and education in a relevant field.

    5 years of Human Resources experience

    Proven ability to work collaboratively with ethnically and socially diverse volunteers and co-workers in a non-profit context.

    Knowledge of HR, leadership, psychology, non-profit management, social media, and marketing.

    Strong interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.

    Excellent oral and written English language skills.

    Spanish and/or Portuguese is an asset.

    Proficiency with MS Office, Google Drive, Internet, MailChimp, and social media platforms.




    Managing full cycle recruitment. Hiring different positions in Marketing, IT, Design, Project, HR and other fields.

    Managing onboarding, orientation, supporting new hires and volunteer experience.

    Managing organization culture and engagement initiatives.

    Developing HR strategy aligned with the company’s mission and objectives

    Working closely with all departments, and the CEO in a consultancy role

    Building positive relationships

    Attending Job Fairs and building positive relationships with schools and universities

    Managing volunteer program and experience

    Coaching the HR team and assisting other managers to develop themselves and their team

    Assisting other leading roles to understand and implement policies and procedures.

    Planning and implementing policies

    Advising leaders, managers and the CEO about HR best practices

    Promoting equality and diversity in the organization.

    Managing sensitive situations in the workplace

    Guiding managers on creating a positive and inclusive work environment


    What you get from us:


    Expand your professional contacts through Latincouver rich network

    Be part of a fun professional staff team


    How to Apply

    Send your resume to the email Please don’t forget to mention in your application where you heard about this position (Classificados Jornal Brasil Vancouver).

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